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Why Home Care?

When weighing your care options it can be really hard to know where to start. It's important to have the tools to make an educated decision. We can help! That's why below you'll find the top reasons why others preferred the advantages of home care instead of institutional care for their loved ones.

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What is home care - How do I know if home care is the right answer?

Top 10 Reasons Why Home Care May Be Right For You

  • 1. Maintains Independence - For elders, home care reduces guilt from having to depend upon family.
  • 2. Provides Peace of Mind - Knowing loved ones are properly cared for, adult children receive the support they need. This allows families to maintain their busy lives.
  • 3. Preventing Medical Crisis - A companion care giver provides an extra pair of eyes to help reduce the risk of falls and monitor significant changes in health or behaviors.
  • 4. Promotes Physical Well Being - One on one care is a major advantage of home care, more supervision can help your loved one avoid some of the medical complications often associated with institutional living.
  • 5. Improves Quality of Life - Provides the freedom to choose activities, keep pets and maintain family relations in your home environment.
  • 6. Eat The Food You Like - Companion care givers can prepare appetizing and healthy meals.
  • 7. Promotes Mental Well-Being - Less confusion typically associated with institutional settings. Especially important for those needing dementia care.
  • 8. Reduces Incontinence - Improve response time reduces embarrassment and avoids skin break down which is so common with institutional settings.
  • 9. Social Well-Being - Friends and family are more likely to visit the home. This allows for outings such as church or other community events.
  • 10. Supports Healthier Living - Companion care givers provide an extra pair of hands. This helps to keep a clean and safe environment.