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Why Clients Choose Us

Selecting the right homecare company for your loved one can be a difficult process. How do you choose? With literally hundreds of options to select from, families need a tool to help sort out the good from the marginal. With our many years' of experience, Affordable HomeCare has learned what it takes to be a well-run, successful business. Simply put, we do what it takes to keep both Clients and Employees happy! However, carrying that out is the challenge and how we do it is what sets us apart from the rest.

Below are just some of the many reasons our Clients love working with Affordable HomeCare. To learn more we suggest that you speak with one of our Care Specialists today at: (248) 419-5010.

1. We Have Been In Business Since 1989

Statistics have shown, companies 5 years or older are more likely to remain in business. This is because they have been tested by the market, worked out critical problems and created systems that add to quality and reliability.

2. We have Registered Nurse Oversight

We have Registered Nurses develop our care plans as well as perform periodic quality visits. Even though industry standards do not require this, we know it is best for our Clients.

3. We Directly Employ Our Personal Assistants

Our Clients have peace of mind knowing they are not liable for worker related taxes, penalties and insurance. They would be liable with the more common independent contractor caregiver, sometimes called a "referred caregiver".

4. We Hire Only The Best Personal Assistants

Our Caregiver Selection Process is very involved which means our Clients receive the best care possible, hands down!

5. We Are Available 24 Hours A Day

Bankers hours do not apply to Affordable HomeCare. Our Clients love that they can reach management any time of the day or night.

6. We Provide Transportation

Our Clients are always delighted to know that as part of Our Services our Personal Assistants can drive to and from day to day errands. Even though this is not common practice in the industry we know it is essential for the health of our Clients.

7. We Have Fixed Pricing

Our Clients know we keep true to our name when we say Affordable HomeCare. We have reasonable rates that never change for nights or weekends.

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