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24 Hour Live-In Home Care Services

We make it our duty to provide an affordable way to keep those in need of care in their own home for as long as possible. With our 24 hour live-in home care your loved one receives the care they deserve using our thoroughly screened, trained, insured and bonded Personal Assistants. Our 24 hour live-in home care offers one Personal Assistant, around the clock day and night, right in the comfort of a familiar home setting.

What 24 Hour Live-In Home Care Consists Of

Our 24 hour live-in home care Personal Assistants can assist with a broad range of needs associated with Activities of Daily Living. Below are some of the tasks our Personal Assistants typically support our Clients with. For detailed information see What Care We Provide.

  • Mobility Assistance
  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Medication Management
  • Meal Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Supervision
  • End of Life Care

Why Choose 24 Hour Live-In Home Care

When researching home care companies you will find out that not all are created equally. Simply put, with our 24 hour live-in home care services we do things that most other companies cannot or will not do. We have summarized some of our differences below, but to see what really sets us apart from our competitors visit What Makes Us Different.

Farmington Hills Live In Senior Care Services

24 Hour Live-In Care vs. Hourly Care

Affordable HomeCare provides true 24 hour live-in care where one Personal Assistant provides home care services day and night. This is much different than Hourly In Home Care services, where several Personal Assistants may be required to do the same assignment. Additionally, 24 hour live-in home care is less expensive and more consistent than hourly home care services.

West Bloomfield Live In Senior Care Services


24 hour live-in home care services allow our Clients the opportunity to remain in their own home for as long as possible. Families have found that loved ones are more likely to participate in daily activities than if in an institutional setting, resulting in positive overall health. Those receiving live-in care preserve control over their lives and are thereby able to maintain more dignity.

Rochester Hills Live In Senior Care Services

Cost Savings

Thousands of families have taken advantage of the cost savings of 24 hour live-in home care. 24 hour live-in home care is substantially less expensive than most institutional care. Even though we screen, train and compensate staff well, Affordable HomeCare can still cost less than most other care options. Because of our proven, efficient systems and low overhead costs, families are able afford quality in-home care services longer.

Troy Live In Senior Care Services

Familiar Surroundings

For those who can no longer care for their daily needs, the prospect of having to leave their home and familiar surroundings is depressing and frightening. That's why home care is the most popular choice for older adults who need care. They find that peace-of-mind is enhanced within the secure, familiar surroundings of home. Our 24 hour live-in home care staff quickly become familiar with personal likes and dislikes allowing your loved one to receive the individualized in-home care services they deserve. This reinforces a sense of independence, control over life's daily routines and self-esteem that is important for good mental and physical health.

Sterling Heights Live In Senior Care Services

Why Home Care vs. Nursing Homes

Families often ask themselves, "Did I make the right decision"? Many people do not know what the typical nursing home lifestyle is like. Truth be known, here's the reality of most nursing homes in America. Patients report they are subjected to an aggravating environment full of blaring television sets, unpleasant odors, piercing alarms, screams from confused and frustrated residents, as well as loud disruptive overhead staff announcements that interrupt family conversation. One caregiver is usually providing care for several patients at the same time, resulting in minimal care. Do you get the picture? The point is that an institutional setting magnifies stress, tension, fatigue and steals any potential healing effect that a peaceful and tranquil setting like home can provide.

Royal Oak Live In Senior Care Services

Family Relations

Families are more likely to visit their loved ones in their own home rather than in an institutional setting. 24 hour live-in home care means families can spend more time enjoying visits with their loved ones. With our help, you and your family can concentrate on enjoying the precious time you spend together comfortable at home!

Bloomfield Hills Live In Senior Care Services

Reduced Family Stress

Consistent and dependable care helps families live more peaceful lives. Utilizing one dedicated Personal Assistant, who lives in the home day and night, ensures consistency which adds to quality of care. Dependability is assured with our complementary chauffeur service, which is standard for all our 24 hour live-in home care Personal Assistants. We have a large number of experienced staff, so that means that in the event a Personal Assistant becomes ill we are able to quickly resolve staffing concerns.

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