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Are you living in Northville, Michigan and seeking out in-home care services? At Affordable HomeCare we can provide the best solution for your specific needs. Don't allow the fact that our main office is in Farmington Hills discourage you from choosing our company. Since 1989 we've specialized our in-home care services in Northville and can seamlessly get you and your family the help you need quickly and efficiently.

Why Affordable HomeCare

For home care services in Northville

  1. We have caregivers that live close by AND directly in Northville. This means that transportation does not have to become an issue or worry.

  2. Our Personal Assistants in Northville are pros and know just what to do to minimize your stress. How can you be sure? Check out our Caregiver Selection Process.

  3. Unlike most home care companies, we have Register Nurses who create superior care plans and will visit you in Northville to ensure you're receiving the high-quality home care you deserve.

  4. Affordable HomeCare is family owned and operated. This means our pricing is set lower than our corporate competitors who pay high franchise fees.

  5. There are absolutely NO minimums. - That's right...we can come to your home in Northville and provide you with our award-winning in-home care service for as little as one hour!

  6. We provide many types of in-home care services in Northville, Michigan that are individualized to meet your specific needs.

Best Of All

At Affordable HomeCare, we understand that choosing a home care company is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly. We will happily come to your home in Northville to discuss everything there is to know about our services. This will help you to make a more confident and educated decision on choosing your in-home care in Northville. You'll quickly see how we've earned such an excellent reputation!

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