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What Types of In-Home Care Services Do We Offer

In Novi, Michigan

Since 1989 we've been providing award winning in-home care services! In Novi, Michigan, our services are specialized to reduce the stress around meeting your individual home care needs. We create a customized plan to provide you with the specific personal care that you deserve. Visit In-Home Care Job Roles to find a detailed list of services our team can provide. Although most of our clients are Seniors, care can be provided in-home to individuals of all ages who can no longer care for themselves independently.

Hourly Home Care

Hourly in-home care service is most often chosen for the elderly or ill who will need personalized care on a consistent basis. We will help you decide on a schedule that works best for you, whether it be weekly or monthly. Our hourly in-home care ranges from 1 to 24 hours which is decided upon your specific needs.

Live-in Home Care

Sometimes live-in home care is referred to as around the clock home care. One Personal Assistant provides in-home care service several days at a time without leaving the home and is available 24x7. Our Live-in home care services are ideal for the ill or elderly who need help at home throughout the entire day in Novi. It's a great alternative to nursing homes!

Alzheimer's and Dementia Home Care

Our Company has been successfully operating since 1989. This has given us many years of experience in dealing with the complexity of the disease on an individual basis. Our high-quality professional caregivers are accustomed to providing care for your loved one who may be suffering with a form of dementia.

Emergency Home Care

Because we have home care specialists based out of Novi, our care can usually be arranged much quicker than most other companies. We've created a rapid response electronic system that helps us get you with the care you need ASAP.

Respite Home Care

"Respite" is referred to as short term in-home care. This is a popular choice when the primary caregiver in Novi is taking a needed break or vacation from their caregiving duties and need someone to step in while they're away. This type of care schedule may be set for only a few days or weeks and can be customized from 1 to 24 hours.

Hospice Home Care

If your loved one is currently in Novi and receiving Hospice care, our services can contribute to keeping them as comfortable as possible. Leave it to us to do the physical care so you have the energy to supply the much needed emotional support. Choosing in-home hospice care through Affordable HomeCare allows you to specifically choose how much home health care you would like to have in place, anywhere from 1 to 24 hours.

The Next Step

Allow us the opportunity to meet with you and your family to address any questions or concerns you may have about bringing a home care company into your home. This is completely free of charge and with no obligation to you.

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