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4 Things Home Care Companies Don't Want You to Know

By Greg Adair, Founder of Affordable HomeCare

Choosing the right home care company may be the most important decision you will ever make for your loved one. The personal nature of this service impacts every family member. If something goes wrong with the choice it can have a disastrous affect. Here’s how to lower the risk of finding the right organization.

Make sure the company you are considering thoroughly screens their caregivers

Here’s a partial list of key procedures a quality home care company should have in place. The following items may not be volunteered because the home care company would rather you not know. Ask these questions and you'll be far closer to making a sound decision.

  1. Don't accept the standard State Police check. Make sure the home care company has done a thorough criminal background check. A County check is a must. You see, the two law enforcement groups don't always communicate with each other.
  2. Ask to see the home care company's insurance binder. Here’s what to look for.
    • At a minimum, they should have a $50,000.00 bond to protect you from theft.
    • A Worker's Compensation policy is essential otherwise you become liable for work accidents in the home.
    Not all companies purchase these policies. And if they don't have these in place, it puts you as the client at a substantial risk.
  3. Ask the home care company to add your name as a "certificate holder" on their insurance policy. If the company's policy is changed or cancelled, all the certificate holders will be notified.
  4. You want to leave your loved one in the care of people you trust, so look for disciplinary action against the caregiver.
    • Make sure the company checks all professional and governmental registries. The Macomb Oakland Regional Center tracks negligent group home employees.
    • Verify information for Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) who has worked in nursing homes. These should be checked even if the applicant does not report working in these environments because they may hide that information on the job application. An applicant may have a disciplinary action against them and would probably not report that they worked in those facilities.
    • Sex Abuse and Medicaid Fraud registries should also be checked.

A competent home care company will have nothing to hide. If you ask, they will take the time to answer these critical questions. If they give you a hard time or seem resistant to your inquires move on to the next company. Your loved one deserves better!

No caregiver is perfect whether you hire them directly or the home care company has taken on the responsibility for hiring, training and managing the relationship. It's a lot of additional work and most people who require caregivers to look after their loved ones already have enough to do in their own lives. And the bottom line is that you and your family should have peace of mind about your decision.

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