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What Nobody Ever Tells You About the Real and Hidden Costs of Home Care

By Greg Adair, Founder of Affordable HomeCare

You cannot afford to not have home care if you truly value family relationships, emotional stability and physical well-being. First thing on most people's mind is, "How much does it cost?" and secondly, "Can I afford it?" The real question is, "What's the total real cost verses the upfront money outlay?"

When we hear about costs typically we think of the initial cost. It's true that for some purchases money is the most important factor. However, when considering care for your loved one, all aspects of cost have equal importance.

You may ask yourself, "What else is there to consider other than dollars and cents?" Throughout the years we have seen countless families struggle with this very question. This report will address this question.

How much is family tension costing you?

One of the hidden costs we have observed is the effect on a families' well-being. A family can easily get turned upside down. This happens when the key decision maker feels pressure to come up with a cost effective solution to the families' ever growing need.

The wrong decision can quickly make other family members find fault, sending the family into turmoil. Family chaos is something no one wants. Keep in mind that the lowest priced home care company may not always be the best when you consider the total cost.

Can you put a price on emotional pain?

The second hidden cost not often taken into account when considering a home care company is emotional strain. This emotional strain has the greatest impact on the family member closest to the loved in need of care, but can easily resonate throughout the entire family.

As the family caregiver, this is sometimes hard to recognize because you're continually reacting to the day-to-day demands, ignoring your own emotional needs. These demands can lead to emotional shutdown. This shutdown period makes it hard to "be there" for your loved one - let alone yourself! The higher someone's care demands the more they need their family to "be there." That's why it makes sense to have a home care company that will "be there" also.

What is the price of phycial well-being?

Yes, caring for your loved one requires money and emotional attention, but physical stamina as well. Most people don't know how physically demanding caring for their loved one can be. How can you help your loved one if you don't have the energy to care for yourself? Your current other responsibilities can easily add up, draining what little energy you may have left for care giving. Many people turn to a home care company to ease the physical demands so they can have more time and energy.

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