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Our Caregiver Selection

We understand that our excellent reputation comes directly from our Personal Assistants and the care they provide. We also understand that a good reputation is difficult to earn, but easy to lose. For that reason we make sure we hire only the best Personal Assistant to serve our Clients.

We thought you might like to known what length we go, to ensure our Clients receive the best possible Personal Assistants. Below are some of the many steps we take that many of our competitors do not.

Step 1 - Qualification

Experience - Before we even consider hiring a new Personal Assistant we required professional experience in caring for the sick or elderly. If fact, our current staff has, on average, 16.3 years' of experience in caring for others.

Quality - We use a 13 point quality verification tool that has been refined since 1989. This allows us to reach out to only those who meet our definition of a quality caregiver.

Knowledge - All potential Personal Assistants must pass a comprehensive 3 part test that was developed by us, along with the help from The Home Care Association of America. The questions we ask have been proven to allow only the most qualified applicants to make it through to the next step.

Step 2 - Interview

Compassion - Our interview questions focus on determining whether or not the person has compassion for the sick and elderly. Those who are simply looking for a job are not the people we hire.

Personality - Our interview process allows us to identify key personality traits that we are looking for. We make sure only candidates who have an upbeat, positive, and caring personality are considered for employment.

Communication - During the interview process we assess ones communication skills. Those who are responsive and can hold a conversation are the types of caregivers we choose to work with.

Reliability - If someone does not show up or is late to an interview it's a clear indicator of how reliable they will be with our valued Clients. You can count on the fact that we do not work with people who can't keep their commitments.

Step 3 - Screening

Background Checks - Here at Affordable HomeCare we understand that keeping our Clients safe is of utmost importance. That's why we perform the following background checks:

  • Certified multi state and county criminal record
  • Sex offender registry
  • Identity verification
  • Industry related professional registry
  • Motor vehicle offence history

Drug Screen - To ensure our Personal Assistants are always clear minded we perform pre-employment and randomized drug screening.

References - We only accept professional references. Only those with the best references can work with Affordable HomeCare.

Step 4 - Skills Verification

We us a customized skills verification program to ensure all of our Personal Assistants understand how to perform the duties we would expect from a quality caregiver.

Step 5 - Customized Training

Hospital Prevention - We utilize a proven training program that educates our Personal Assistants on how prevent unnecessary hospitalizations by identifying the early warning signs. This allows for early intervention which helps make sure our Clients stay healthy and at home.

Customer Service - We implement customer service training techniques developed by the folks at Disney "The Customer Service Experts". All new Personal Assistants go through this multi-part customer service training program, as well as ongoing trainings to ensure our Clients receive the best care possible.

Healthy Eating - A poor diet is one of the main reasons people see a decline in their health. We make sure our Personal Assistants understand how to prepare a healthy meal for our Clients. This helps our Clients remain healthy and alert.

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