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Closing Out 2020

If You'd Rather Read

Hi, everybody, it's Bre from Affordable Home Care, and welcome to this week's episode of Senior Care TV. This week. I simply just want to wish everybody a Happy Holiday Season. I hope that one way or the other, you get to spend it with your loved ones, whether it be in a small, safe gathering, or virtually. I hope you all get to spend some time with the people that you care about the most.

I've myself referred to this year as, is terrible, and the worst that we've ever been through. I've often heard it compared to a dumpster fire. And while I agree with that comparison, I also think that it has showed us a lot of resilience. It has shown me a lot of heartwarming moments in the darkest of times, as cliche as that may sound, it really has. The senior industry has stepped up, and we've all come together to find solutions for challenges that we never ever thought we would have to deal with, and I think it's amazing to be a part of.

I'm just blessed with this opportunity that I have every day to help seniors and those who are vulnerable, and find solutions for them, so that they can age in place, and I get to work with the most incredible people, and I feel so fortunate every day.

So basically what I want to do is just say that I'm praying for our seniors, for a better 2021. I'm praying for everybody to stay safe and happy. So here's my imaginary toast to a brighter 2021, and I'm looking forward to working with all of you in this next year, and I'm so excited to see you all in person, and hopefully we can all be back to hugging. Again, have a great holiday season.

Next week, I am gonna talk about a little bit more of a serious subject, which is taking the keys away. The dreaded conversation that adult children may have to have with their parents about when is it time to take away those driving privileges. So I look forward to this time with you all again. Thanks everybody.