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Hi, everybody. It's Bre from Affordable HomeCare and welcome to this week's episode of Senior Care TV. Today my guest is Jerry Acciaioli from Caps Remodeling. He is the general manager. So hello, Jerry. Thanks for joining me today.

Hi, Bre, Thanks for having me.

Yeah, I'm so happy to have you. I was hoping you could just tell me a little bit about your business, your position and who you help.

Sure, name of the company is Caps Remodeling. I'm the general manager of Caps Remodeling. I started about six months ago. I've known Jeff Cates, the owner, for about a good eight years now, and we've been basically providing barrier free remodeling for the physically challenged, and handicapped, and elderly. So basically, what that equates to is, anything that needs to be done in people's homes to keep them in their homes, that's where we come in. We basically figure out ways to making solutions to keep them in their homes. And that could be exterior with ramps, interior with grab bars and any other more extensive things like lift systems and that sort of thing to make sure that they're comfortable in their homes.

Yeah. So you're basically a lifesaver for a lot of my clients and their families because these are all the things that my clients and their families are looking for. You know, prior to us coming in, and even when we're in there providing home care these are things that our caregivers mentioned all the time to the family that would be very helpful to keep folks safe at home. So I'm gonna keep this very quick and simple for you, Jerry, what is the best way for anybody that may need your services or just want more information to reach you?

Yeah, real simple. A couple of ways of doing it. Our general line here, we have our staff on standby right now to take all calls that come in. That number is two four eight, two four six, 1669 or Those are the two best ways. It's the same folks answering the phone and they're certified and ready to answer any questions from consultation to details about specific projects.

Yeah, well, again, thanks so much for meeting with me today, Jerry. I know I can personally vouch for Caps, very quick, very effective and efficient. I've had many times where clients have last minute needed something and you guys have been over to the home immediately to help find a solution

Thanks Bre

for our clients. So I truly appreciate it. So thanks for joining us this week everybody, I look forward to talking to you again next week. Have a great day.