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Hi everybody and welcome to this week's episode of Senior Care TV. Today I'm super excited about my guest. I have James Feaheny. Now he is the Broker and Owner for Brookview Realty. So, thanks for, you know, joining me today, James. I was really hoping you could just kind of tell me a bit about what your business is and what you do.

Well, thanks for having me Brie. Yes, as Brie said, I am the Broker/Owner of Brookview Realty. We're based in downtown Rochester and we cover all throughout the Tri-County area with our real estate services. We help buyers and sellers, you know, sell their homes for the top dollar. I've been in real estate for over 10 years. And it's, it's a second career for me. I absolutely love what I do.

Great. So is there a certain coverage area that you have James?

Yeah, well, you know, we extend all the way from say Plymouth can to the west side all the way to the east, you know, Mount Clemens, St. Clair Shores and as far north as Lapeer County, as far South as Detroit. So, you know, I'm one, I'm a Broker of about 20 agents. So we've got agents that kind of cover a lot of different areas.

Wow. That's, that's great. I mean, you can be almost anywhere for, for all of my clients.

Very helpful. And so I noticed that you, you specialize in seniors, in the senior community, elderly and their family. Is there a particular reason why you, you chose to specialize in that?

Yeah, actually that is my passion in real estate. I discovered working with seniors was really the clientele I really preferred working with about four or five years ago. And that was after handling the estate of my parents and how much work was required to get the house ready for sale. And it, it took a few months actually. So being a family member, it was difficult at one level. So, I really empathize with kids that are trying to help sell their parents' homes, especially when those kids are out of state. So, you know, we, my partner and I, Traci Stolle, we specialize in helping the families sell their home and avoid getting taken by the trap of, I'll buy your home for cash. As you may know, a lot of, there's sharks out there, scammers, who will target seniors and want to buy their homes for cash. And sometimes they're getting half the value, unfortunately. And they just go with it because they need a quick sale. A lot of times when they have to sell that home it's an emotional time, so they're not really thinking straight. So, we really try to maximize the value of that home for that senior citizen with all of our services.

That's so great to hear James, because it seems that, you know, it's so important that there are, there are positive advocates for seniors because there's just not enough

It's, it really is, and being in this industry, you and I both know that seniors can get easily taken advantage of. So..

Unfortunately, that's very true.

It is, and it's so refreshing that, you know, that's where your heart is and your story behind your business and why you do what you do. So, you know, I definitely, wholeheartedly would trust you with, with my clients and their families. And, I'm very lucky to have you as a resource for that. So, James, what is the best way for somebody to reach you if they're looking, if they have some real estate questions for their parents or for themselves?

Yeah. I think the best way would be, my cell phone number is probably the most reachable and that is 201-5193. And there's also a lot of information about my brokerage and maybe some of the other agents in my office and the website address is I'm available pretty much whenever my cell phone is on as I always say.

We're always working in this industry that's right?

Well, thanks so much for meeting with me today, James. All of James' contact info will be in enclosed in the body of the email of this video as well as right on the B-roll. So, anybody reach out to James if you've got any real estate questions and thanks for tuning in today everybody. I look forward to talking to you all again next week. Bye-bye.