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Stroke Prevention

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Hi everybody, its Bre from Affordable HomeCare. I hope you're all having a great week. Today I wanna discuss a very important topic, that I think everybody could benefit from learning a bit about. And it is strokes.

Strokes are the third leading cause of death in the United States. So I feel that it's a very important topic to cover. So I'm gonna talk about causes, prevention, and signs and symptoms.

So first off, what is a stroke? A stroke is an interruption of blood flow to the brain. They can be very big. They can be very small. Some people don't even know they've had a stroke. Obviously we know some can be very catastrophic as well. 52% of strokes could be prevented. Every 40 seconds, an individual in the United States suffers from a stroke. The number one main cause of a stroke is said to be from hypertension or high blood pressure. Another cause is diet, high cholesterol, leading a sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise, high alcohol use and stress.

So how can we prevent some of these things? High blood pressure. Go to the doctor once or twice a year, monitor your blood pressure at home, your diet. You wanna avoid a lot of inflammation in your diet by choosing non-processed foods, adding a lot of antioxidants or flavonoids. The more plant-based diet you have, the better for lowering your cholesterol. Excess fat is also proven to lead to stroke and getting some exercise, getting outside, getting some fresh air, that can all help with stress management as well, and getting adequate sleep at night, things like that. They can definitely be very preventable if you take the right steps of just basic overall health every day.

How can you identify a stroke? So usually with a stroke, there is weakness on one side of the body, or some people like to say droopiness. So you could ask that person to smile. If their smile is not adding up on both sides, if it's not symmetrical, one side is drooping, that definitely may indicate a stroke is happening or has happened. You could tell if somebody who's got one sided weakness by having them put their hands out, and if one side is drooping or not able to lift up as high as the other, that may also indicate a stroke.

So I hope this helps you guys. Maybe share this with your friends, your neighbors, your loved ones. Just something for us all to keep an eye on. And I'd love to keep everybody's healthy and safe, and living their best life. So if you've been enjoying these videos, please subscribe to the link below. Also check us out on our website at We do give away a free home care guide. And we also have a raffle each month that I would love for all of you to enter. Again, it's Bre from Affordable HomeCare, and I look forward to talking with you all again soon. Have a great day.