How Reliable Is Home Care?

If you're considering home care for a loved one, chances are you're expecting the company you hire to be dependable and reliable. Nobody's interested in paying for a service they can't count on, right? However, many families who made the life changing choice to hire a home care company later regret their decision due to constant call offs, no shows, and all-around scheduling problems. Unfortunately, the contemporary home care business model results in reliability issues most companies have little to no control over, and offer even fewer solutions to families. This results in only 80%-90% of shifts actually getting covered. The following are some of the main factors that lead to poor reliability:

Staff Shortage

Many home care companies don't have enough staff Not having enough staff is by far the largest issue plaguing home care companies today. This happens because most home care companies don't have enough work to keep a surplus of staff busy. This causes high turnover rates, and creates an endless cycle of needing to hire new caregivers. Hiring takes time and resources, which is in short supply for most home care companies.

Limited Office Support

Small management team causes reliability problems Most home care companies have very small management teams, and push their schedulers to single handedly manage 70 or more Clients at a time. Although this might work, it usually doesn't leave enough time to handle the barrage of staffing issues that occur in a given day. This often results in balls getting dropped and upset Clients.

Poor Utilization Of Technology

Home care companies use outdated technology In today's modern age, optimizing technology to your advantage is key to running a successful service based business. However, many home care companies just don't know how to implement these often confusing systems, or have the manpower to maintain them properly. Many find themselves stuck using antiquated systems that do a poor job preventing reliability problems.

Workload Balancing Issues

Home care agencies don't provide reliability The well-known “chicken before the egg” analogy finds itself deeply ingrained into every single home care agency. Accepting too many Clients and not having enough staff is all too common, and results in staff being stretched too thin. Overworking caregivers to the point of exhausting and causing reliability and quality issues.

Why Is Affordable HomeCare So Reliable?

Affordable HomeCare is not like most home care companies. With our partner Company, Honor, we've successfully been able to address all of the common reliability issues listed above. We keep constant track of our reliability, which currently stands at 99.7% coverage of all our shifts. That means if you choose to hire Affordable HomeCare, there's a near 0% chance you'll ever go without the services you expect. You might ask, how can this be:

Staff Seek Us Out

Home care provider with enough staff We take advantage of cutting-edge systems that use artificial intelligence technology to assist with the incredibly complex task of scheduling. This allows us to optimize each Care Pros schedule, using computer power and human intuition together. This keeps our Care Pros happy, because they're always busy and don't need to work with several companies to make ends meet. Happy Care Pros equals low turnover and high consistency. Our dedicated recruitment team has only one job, hire and train the best Care Pros.

We Have Abundant Support

Get dependable home care with lots of support Between us and our partner Company, Honor, we have over 300 management level employees able to handle even the toughest days. These layers of support ensure that even the smallest issue doesn't slip through the cracks. Our hierarchy approach means each Client still receives individualized support with their own dedicated Client Manager.

Technology Is At Our Core

Most technologically advanced home care agency Our partner Company, Honor, is built around technology, and has seamlessly leveraged it to assist with the human component that's so important to Home Care. Our creative use of artificial intelligence helps identify staffing issues before they even become problems. It also helps us stay in close communication with our Care Pros, so we can quickly respond to any needs. The correct use of technology allows us to always stay one step ahead.

We Balance Our Workload

Reliable home care near Detroit Again, technology comes to the rescue to help ensure we always have enough Care Pros to accommodate all our Clients. We utilize proprietary heat mapping technology that constantly monitors our workload. This allows us to intercept any Care Pro shortages before they even become a concern. As long as you're in Our Metro Detroit Service Area we'll get you the help you need!

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