How To Pick A Home Care Company

In-Home Care Service is the perfect fit for many people, from those who just need help getting groceries to individuals who need end of life care. However, when it comes to selecting a home care provider for your loved one, where do you start? Picking a reputable home care company is one of the most important decisions in your life! Your decision should not just be based on the cost of home care. There is so much more to consider when choosing home care. We can help you choose the right company that you can trust to care for your loved one. We've developed a comprehensive list of traits you should keep an eye out for to ensure your loves one receives the best possible home care experience.

Has A Proven Matching System

Good home care matches the best caregivers with seniors You don't want an unexperienced caregiver to be experimenting on your loved one. Sadly, many companies don't have a clear understanding of their employee's skills, resulting in a poor match and overall experience. We visually observe each of our Care Pros so we can fully understand what Clients they're best suited with. Then, we leverage our proprietary technology to aid us in figuring out which of our hundreds of Care Pros would be best suited for your needs. Next, one of our talented Client Managers hand picks your perfect Care Pro. Lastly, we continually collect feedback to ensure your Care Pro remains the perfect fit.

Knows Their Shift Fulfillment Rate

No more no call no shows, no more call offs When you hire a home care company the last thing you want is to find out they can't deliver what they promised. Our Network Business Model means we don't have the notorious shift fulfillment problems that almost every home care company struggles with. We closely track our shift fulfillment rate, which currently stands at 99.7%. When compared to the industry average of 80%-90% the choice to hire Affordable HomeCare becomes clear.

Focuses On Communication

The best home care companies communicate well Good communication is key to a positive home care experience. This means transparency between the family and the delivery of care. Our creative use of technology makes it simple for families to stay as involved as they wish, even from far away. Families get access to wellness metrics, as well as detailed care notes after each visit. Additionally, with Affordable HomeCare you can expect management oversight as often as necessary. Any company offering management involvement on a strict frequency basis is just trying to put you into a box. That's why we employ a dedicated Client Support Advocate. We understand that each of our Clients' requires oversight customized to their specific needs.

Hires True W-2 Employees

No 1099 caregivers here We directly hire all our Care Pros, which means we take care of all the background screening, drug testing, training, taxes, insurance, benefits and government reporting. Independent contract caregivers (sometimes refer as 1099 caregivers) are rarely screened properly and often fail to obtain proper insurance or pay their required taxes, putting those they serve at considerable risk.

Is Available 24/7

Quality home care service near Metro Detroit has 24/7 support With the layers of support we have between us and our partner company Honor you benefit from true 24/7 support. You'll always be able to reach a team of experts who are familiar with your needs any time, day or night. Before selecting a home care provider, call them. Do they answer right away? If not, how long does it take to get a return call? If you don't get a timely response, how do you think they'll treat you as a customer?

Should Customize Your Service

Customized home care service delivers quality At Affordable HomeCare we invest whatever time is necessary to fully understand each of our Client's individual needs and prepare a detailed plan of care. This allows us to provide you a Care Pro that perfectly fits your needs. We then keep a close eye on each Client and adjust their plan of care carefully to best meet any changing needs. If the home care agency you talk to doesn't ask detailed questions about your needs, how will they be able to customize your home care services?

Has Lots of Experience

Most experienced home care company near Detroit You'd never want a home care company to be learning best practices at your loved one's expense. We've been providing quality home care services since 1989 for thousands of families in the Metro Detroit Area. With an estimated 70% of home care companies lasting less than 10 years, you can put your trust in the experience and wisdom of Affordable HomeCare.

Should Have A Great Reputation

Most 5 star rated home care agency Allow Google to be your best friend. Now a days, online reviews are a great way to learn about a Company and how they treat their customers. Companies with few or poor ratings should be a clear warning sign for families researching home care. If the company doesn't reply to their reviews, do they even care? Affordable HomeCare has more 5-star reviews on Google than any other home care company in the Metro Detroit Area. Take a look at our reviews and you'll see they speak for themselves.

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