What Many Home Care Companies Don't Want You To Know

Every home care company is different. Some are wonderful to work with, while others decide to cut corners either to get larger profits or because they lack the resources. That's why it's important to do you're research before choosing home care for your loved one. Providing quality home care requires a lot of resources, knowledge, time and effort. This level of detail usually reflects in slightly higher rates than what some home care companies charge. However, it's always important to keep in mind that cost should not be the most important factor with a decision as impactful as home care. Take a moment to learn what some companies may try and hide from you just to save you a buck.

No Background Checks

Good caregivers require background checks Background checks are critical when it comes to allowing someone to care for a loved one. Many companies either fail to perform background screens all together or perform inadequate screens, putting their Clients at risk. At Affordable HomeCare we ensure each Care Pro passes the following background screens:

  1. National Criminal Records Check
  2. State Criminal Records Check
  3. County Criminal Records Check
  4. Sex Offender Registry Check
  5. Global Watchlist Records Check
  6. Federal Civil Records Check
  7. County Civil Records Check

Lack Of Insurance

Insured and bonded home care is important Proper insurance is expensive. That's why many companies decide to risk it and underinsure themselves. Unfortunately, that means if something goes wrong you don't have many options, or may end up becoming the liable party. It's always a good idea to ask your home care company to be added as a “certificate holder” on their policy. That way you'll be notified of a lapse in coverage. A properly insured company should have the following as minimum coverage:

  1. General Liability Insurance With $1,000,000 Limits
  2. Professional Liability Insurance With $3,000,000 Limits
  3. Worker Compensation With $1,000,000 Limits
  4. Bond With $50,000 Limit

No Caregiver Skills Understanding

Specialized caregivers provide good home care Many companies are so desperate for caregivers that they'll hire someone based on their word and hope that they're telling the truth about their abilities. This practice is not only risky, but also irresponsible. We know that in order to truly understand a caregivers skillset it's critical to visually observe their skills and categorize them. It then requires systems and adherence to policies to pair them with properly Clients who meet their skills. That's why we take the time to learn each Care Pro's skills and perfectly match them with Clients we know they're best qualified to care for.

Little To No Supervision

After rehab care helps you get home after a nursing home stay Having in-person supervision is important to having a positive home care experience. Qualified management oversight helps to ensure proper care delivery and educates families about what to expect throughout the aging process with expert advice. It's also an expensive component to home care service. For that reason many companies opt out of providing supervision or only provide it on a strict schedule that may not meet your needs. At Affordable HomeCare we personally visit with our Clients as often as needed to ensure the care they receive is the highest quality home care service possible.

They Don't Know Their Clients

Clients should get a personal touch Nobody wants to just be a number. However, many companies are so focused on managing their employees that they fail to focus on their Clients. This results in a disconnect between you and the company you hired to care for your loved one. Oftentimes, calls don't even get returned in a timely manner. At Affordable HomeCare each Client has a dedicated Client Manager who knows you by name and understand your care needs inside the out. We're always here for you 24/7.

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