What Type Of Caregivers Come To My Home?

Only 1 Out Of 20 Applicants Get Hired

Good reputation is difficult to earn, but easy to lose. That reputation comes directly from our Care Pros and the excellent in-home care they provide. That's why only 5% of applicants are hired. Our thorough caregiver selection process ensures that only the best Care Pros are allowed to serve our Clients.

There's a lot of trust involved when choosing a home care company, and you shouldn't let just anybody come into your home. Sadly, many home care agencies hire just about anyone without properly vetting, resulting in a poor customer experience.

We call our caregivers Care Pros, because we view them as more than just caregivers. They're true Care Professionals. We know this to be true because of the measures we go through to only select, train, and manage the best. It's because of these measure that we're confident you'll receive the highest quality home care service.

The best caregiver qualifications

What Kind Of Qualifications Are Required To Become A Care Pro?

Experience - Although 6 months of caregiving experience is mandatory, we've found many of our Care Pros have decades of experience. We verify their experience so you can rest assured knowing our Care Pros won't be experimenting on your loved one.

Follow Through - Our hiring process involves several back and forth communication steps. We do this on purpose, because we know someone with poor follow through won't make a good Care Pro.

Compassion - Over the years we've come to understand what compassion really looks like. This allows us to skip over applicants that are clearly just looking for another job.

How caregivers are screened

What Kind Of Background Screens Must Care Pros Pass?

Criminal Background Check - Although costly, our high standards mean we don't cut any corners. Our background check looks for any felony, misdemeanor, or criminal offences. Every Care Pro must pass with flying colors before being allowed to step foot in a Client's home.

Driving Record Check - Since our Care Pros are allowed to run errands, we make sure they have a clear driving record as well.

Drug Screen - We require each applicant to take a sensitive 7 panel drug screen test. If they can't pass, they're not welcome on our team.

How the best caregivers get trained

What Type Of Training Do Care Pros Receive?

Whole Day Course - Yes, each Care Pro must attend an entire day long training course. We spend the time it takes to make sure each Care Pro fully understands how to provide each of the Types of Service we offer.

Skills Verification - We visually observe the skills of each Care Pro so we can be extra confident they understand complex services such as; transfers, infection control, and adult brief changes.

Ongoing Support - As part of our service we include onsite management to ensure each Care Pro receives the support they need. Our team of experts makes sure each Care Pro is continually held to a high standard, resulting in the best in-home care service available.

Why Our Care Pros Don't Job Hop?

It's simple! With our Unique Model we keep our Care Pros happy. Aside from respecting our Care Pros, we utilize state-of-the-art systems that help optimize their schedules which keeps them busy. Most home care companies struggle trying to keep their in-home caregivers busy as they want to be. This results in high turnover and poor client experience. In a recent study, we found that 92% of our Care Pros said they would strongly recommend us as a place to work. That's even higher than Google! More so, our Care Pro retention rate is a staggering 89%. When compared to the industry average of 18%, it's clear we're the agency you've been looking for.

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