Complete List Of Our Home Care Services

There are many services that home care providers can deliver. When considering home care it is important to take into account whether your loved one needs medical or non-medical care. Medical home care (better known as Home Health Care ) is designed to treat an acute medical condition and usually entails complicated, sterile or invasive procedures. Some examples are duties such as; post-surgery activities, wound care, catheterization, feeding tube support, ventilation assistance or injections. Even though we recommend that families work with a skilled home health care company for medical care, this does not mean we can't help you.

The main difference between medical home care and the non-medical in-home care we provide is that our services are customized to meet all of your needs. Medical home care visits are brief and cannot be customized to an individual's full needs. With Affordable HomeCare, your loved one receives truly customized care any time they need it.

Affordable HomeCare provides a wide range of services for our Clients in the Metro Detroit Area who need help with their activities of daily living. Often the ill and elderly need an extra pair of hands to remain independent in their own home. That's where the experienced staff at Affordable HomeCare come in. To allow your loved one the ability to remain independent we provide assistance with the activities of daily living listed below.

  1. Companionship

    Companionship is important for lonely seniors in Merto Detroit Shared meals, walks in the park, games, and friendly conversation brings smiles to faces. This socialization enhances health, happiness and quality of life. Companionship is crucial to preventing depression in seniors.

  2. Meal Preparation and Special Diets

    Get in home meal preparation for the elderly Oftentimes ill or elderly individuals don't have the energy or interest to prepare nutritious meals. To promote a healthier lifestyle, our Care Pros encourage and prepare well balanced, nutritious meals. We're able to prepare specialty home cooked meals such as; low sodium, renal, low fat, thickened, and pureed. Our reliable Care Pros are also experienced in preventing dehydration, which is very common is seniors.

  3. Light Housekeeping

    Light housekeeping services for seniors To maintain safety and a sense of control we provide light housekeeping services as a component to our home care service. This includes tasks such as; dish washing, cleaning floors, dusting, cleaning rooms, cleaning kitchens, taking out trash, laundry and straightening up.

  4. Transportation Appointments/Shopping/Errands

    Errand and transportation services for older adults Getting out of the home periodically is good for one's mind, body and spirit. Many elders put off going to the doctor due to lack of transportation, often leading to ER visits and hospitalizations. Our Care Pros provide transportation to doctors, shopping for groceries and running errands. You can choose to have our Care Pros use their own vehicle or drive a vehicle you own.

  5. Medication Reminders

    Medication reminder service for elders Did you know that up to 25% of hospital admissions are the result of incorrect use of medications? We provide families with piece of mind knowing that medications are taken in a timely fashion.

  6. Bathing, Grooming and Hygiene

    In home bathing service near Detroit Our Care Pros will help with routine grooming and bathing which helps people feel good about themselves and their appearance. Proper bathing routine also helps avoid skin breakdown issues for many individuals with incontinence. Good personal hygiene promotes social interaction, which in turn enhances mental and physical well-being. Our well trained Care Pros know exactly what to do.

  7. Dressing Assistance

    In home dressing assistance services Many elderly individuals find it difficult to get dressed, and in some situations they're unable to dress themselves at all. Whether you just need help getting your shoes on or you require full dressing assistance, we're here for you. Our Care Pros understand how to dress our Clients using the safest practices.

  8. Mobility Assistance and Transferring

    Mobility and transfer assistance service for older adults Are you worried about your loved one falling when they are alone? Every 11 seconds a senior is admitted into the hospital for a fall. Our services provide the best way to reduce the likelihood of a fall. With our ambulation and transferring assistance, people feel more confident and motivated to get the exercise needed to become stronger and more independent.

  9. Toileting and Incontinence Care

    Toileting assistance and incontinence care service Families faced with this task can often feel uneasy. We can help! Our compassionate Care Pros understand the emotional stress that surrounds the need for incontinence care. We're able to assist with a toilet, bedside commode, or toileting in bed. Our Care Pros gentle approach maintains dignity and self-esteem for our elderly Clients.

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