Hourly In-Home Care Services

Our trusted reputation for delivering the best senior in-home care service has been built over the last 30 years. One of the reasons our excellent reputation has been maintained so long is because we hire the highest quality Care Pros. Review Our Care Pro Selection Process and you'll notice we recruit, select and train the best Care Pros based on their skills, dedication and ability to be compassionate in their work. We take great care to assure a perfect match between our Care Pros and those they serve.

What Hourly In-Home Care Consists Of

On an hourly basis our Care Pros can assist with a broad range of needs associated with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's). Below are some of the tasks our Care Pros typically provide for our hourly home care Clients. For detailed information review the Complete List Of Services We Provide.

You Receive Customized Service

Customized hourly home care services for elders and seniors citizens Affordable HomeCare bases our services around your needs. That's why we spend so much time with each one of our Clients up front, so we can fully understand their needs. This allows us to design a comprehensive care plan that's tailored to each Client's specific needs. This ensures our Care Pros offer superior personalized care. With our customized hourly in-home care services, you can rest assured that all your in-home care needs are met.

Avoid Hospitalizations

Avoid hospitalizations by using hourly home care Our objective is to safely keep our Clients at home and independent as long as possible. Hospitalizations, although sometimes necessary, can be the beginning of an endless cycle of health problems. For instance, did you know that up to 25% of all hospitalizations are due to medications not being taken correctly? With our Hourly Home Care Service we can greatly reduce the risk of unnecessary hospitalizations by ensuring our Clients receive the most comprehensive care.

Better Than Any Facility

Dedicated one on one home care Hourly home care provides dedicated one-on-one personal care to the ill and aging in their own home. This level of care isn't available in any facility care setting such as Assisted Living or Nursing Homes. All facilities operate using the same business model. That is, one caregiver takes care of many residents at the same time. In many cases, one caregiver is responsible for up to 30 residents at a time. This results in having to wait for care instead of receiving care exactly when you need it. With Affordable HomeCare you'll never have to wait for the care you need!

The Best Systems

High tech home care promotes dependability We utilize cutting edge technology to help us deliver the highest level of quality. Our systems are so advanced that we're able to predict whether a Care Pro will be on time or they're running behind. This allows us to get in front or scheduling issues up to 30 minutes sooner than other home care companies. This is just one of the many things we do that help us maintain our 99.7% shift fulfillment rate.

Easy Set-up

Home care service with quick set up Getting started is a painless process. We can usually meet the same day you call and will even come right out to your home or facility. There's no need to sign any long-term contracts or write a large deposit either. Best of all, we can usually start services within a day after meeting. Starting care is quick and easy!

Guaranteed Billing Accuracy

Get billing accuracy with Affordable HomeCare Many home care agencies still rely on antiquated paper timekeeping systems that often result in billing errors and fraud. Affordable HomeCare utilizes a state-of-the-art GPS based time keeping system. This assures that only services that were truly provided are billed for. Just another reason you can trust Affordable HomeCare for your home care services.

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