Post Rehab In-Home Care Services

After a lengthy stay at a Senior Rehabilitation Center (better known as a Nursing Home) the thought of returning home can sometimes be overwhelming. The helpful staff at a Rehabilitation Center have been tending to your every need since you arrived. What will it be like when you get home? Will you be able to safely get around your home? Will you have the support needed to remain independent and avoid being readmitted?

Sadly, many elderly individuals are discharged too early from their Rehabilitation Center and feel they're not 100% ready to return home. Many individuals even report they feel weaker after leaving the Nursing Home than before they arrived. That's why it's important to have the right care in place before returning home.

In most cases the Social Worker at the Senior Rehabilitation Center will order Home Health Care Services for you. Although it's important to have Home Health Care to focus on regaining your strength, many individuals will need more help at home than what Home Health Care can deliver. Home Health Care's scope is very limited and only addresses the medical issue that brought you to the Nursing Home in the first place. Examples of the services they provide are; recording vitals, wound care, catheter care, medication reviews, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and/or Speech Therapy. The one thing they don't provide is personal care which covers all of the Types Of Services we offer.

If you don't feel 100% confident in performing the following functions safely, you should be seriously considering Home Care through Affordable HomeCare:

  1. Get in and out of bed
  2. Independently walk a minimum of 50ft
  3. Get in and out of the shower
  4. Get on and off the toilet
  5. Cook a warm meal

We're the Home Care experts and understand how to keep you safe and independent when you return home. Don't be one of the 20% who end up going back to a nursing home within 30 days from being discharged, due to lack of proper care at home. Affordable HomeCare can help you!

Transition To Home

After rehab care helps you get home after a nursing home stay We're focused on transitional care which means you'll have our support every step of the way. This includes communicating closely with your social worker, arranging transportation back to your home, and thorough management oversight. We'll make sure you get home safely and customize your care to specifically meet your needs.

Rapid Response

Get home after senior rehab fast with our rapid response Often times you won't get much notice before your Nursing Home tells you it's time to go home. Fortunately, we're often able to get you the home care services you need within 24 hours or less. Give us a call at: (248) 419-5010 and we'll arrange to meet you at the Nursing Home the same day. The right help, right away!

Flexible Services

Flexible home care services after senior rehab visit By utilizing our Stay-In or Hourly Home Care Services to provide your home care after a Senior Rehabilitation Center stay, you'll have the benefit of being able to adjust the level of service you receive over time. As you recover, reducing your care is only a phone call away. We never lock our Clients into any long-term contracts, and you can cancel services at any time. No commitments, no deposits, no kidding!

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