Post Surgery In-Home Care Services

After having a major surgery or a lengthy hospital stay, it's rare to be safely mobile before receiving notice that you're being discharged back home. With the level of support one receives in a hospital setting, it's easy to assume the transition back home will be smooth. However, once home it can be very difficult, sometimes impossible, to perform basic daily activities without hands on help. This increases your risk of having a fall, mismanaging your medications, and not receiving proper nutrition. These risks can easily send you right back to the hospital and extend your recovery period substantially. Following the proper after care instructions from your Doctor is something Affordable HomeCare can provide you assistance with.

It's important to understand what your needs will be once you get home from the hospital and plan accordingly. It's vital for proper recovery after a surgery to have help if you're unable to safely perform any of the following functions:

  1. Get in and out of bed
  2. Independently walk a minimum of 50ft
  3. Get on and off the toilet
  4. Cook a warm meal

In most cases your social worker at the hospital will line up or provide you options for Home Health Care Services. A Home Health Care Service provider will stop by your home every so often to check-in on you and ensure you're healing properly. This check-in usually occurs once every few days. However, they're unable to provide the Types of Services We Offer, which focus on keeping you safe and promoting your recovery with personal care. In most situations Home Health Care Service will arrange a Registered Nurse to review your vitals and perform any wound care. As you heal, they may also coordinate Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and/or Speech Therapy. Although, it's important to have Home Health Care Service after a surgery or hospital stay, it's equally as important to have In-Home Care Services through a company like Affordable Home Care to support the rest of your needs when returning home.

After surgery care through Affordable HomeCare will provide you the personal care assistance needed to remain safe and focus on recovery. Our team of after surgery experts are very experience in making sure your transition back home is smooth. We know the right questions to ask your discharge planner, which is critical to fully understanding your care needs. We'll then make sure one of our dedicated Care Pros provides you the hands-on care you need to get back to the life you want to have.

Transition To Home

Transitional care helps you get home after a surgery Our focus on transitional care means you'll have our support every step of the way. This includes communicating closely with your care team at the hospital, arranging transportation back to your home, and regular management oversight. We'll make sure you get home safely with just the right care to meet your needs.

Rapid Response

Get home after a surgery fast with our rapid response Often times hospitals don't provide you much notice regarding a post-surgery discharge date. Luckily, we're typically able to get services started within 24 hours or less. Give us a call at: (248) 419-5010 and we'll arrange to meet you in the hospital the same day. We're here to get you the help you need right away.

Flexible Services

Flexible home care services after a hospitalization By utilizing our Stay-In or Hourly Home Care Services to provide your post-surgery care you'll have the benefit of being able to adjust the level of service you receive over time. As you recover, reducing your care is just a phone call away. We never lock our Clients into any long-term contracts, and you can cancel services at any time.

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