How Much Does Home Care Cost

When evaluating the cost of home care, it's important to keep in mind that “cost” does not always boil down to just dollars and cents. It's true that for purchases, such as products, money is typically the most important factor. However, for a service such as care for a loved one there's several other costs to evaluate before making a decision you won't later regret. Although we'll address the dollars and cents question, we urge you to read through all the hidden costs you may not have considered.

How Much Is Family Tension Costing You?

A family can easily get turned upside down. This happens when the key decision maker feels pressure to come up with a cost-effective solution to the families' ever-growing need. With options such as; Assisted Living, Independent Living, Nursing Homes, Day Programs, Directly Hiring A Caregiver, and Home Care, it can easily make your head spin.

The wrong decision can quickly make other family members find fault, sending the family into turmoil. Family chaos is something no one wants. Keep in mind that the lowest priced care option may not always be the best when you consider the total cost. Our fairly priced, high quality home care service can keep you in good standing with your family. They'll be praising you for making the right decision.

Emotional Cost Of Being A Family Caregiver

One of the costs not often taken into account when considering a home care company is emotional strain of being a family caregiver. This emotional strain has the greatest impact on the family member closest to the loved in need of care, but can easily resonate throughout the entire family.

As the family caregiver, this is sometimes hard to recognize because you're continually reacting to the day-to-day demands, ignoring your own emotional needs. These demands can lead to emotional shutdown which makes it hard to "be there" for your loved one - let alone yourself! The higher someone's care demands the more they need their family to really "be there" for them. That's why it makes sense to have a home care company to allow you to separate out the roles. You can then focus on being part of the family, providing the dearly needed emotional support you can't easily offer when you're focused on being a caregiver.

The Cost Of Transitioning To A Facility Setting

Families often fail to consider how emotionally intense it can be for someone to leave the familiar surroundings of their home, and move to a facility setting such as; Assisted Living, Independent Living, or a Nursing Home. Especially when dementia is involved, as new settings can cause confusion and fear to spike through the roof. Families are also less likely to visit their loved one in a facility setting, causing depression to set in over time. Although facilities may seem like the more convenient option, Affordable HomeCare allows individuals to age in place where they're comfortable and able to thrive.

What's The Price Of Your Physical Well-Being?

Yes, caring for your loved one requires money and emotional attention, but physical stamina as well. Most people don't know how physically demanding caring for their loved one can be. How can you help your loved one if you don't have the energy to care for yourself? Your current other responsibilities can easily add up, draining what little energy you may have left for caregiving. Many people turn to a home care company to ease the physical demands, so they can have more time and energy. Affordable HomeCare can help you maintain your daily routine without adding additional physical stress.

Cost Of Frustration And Lost Time Due To Scheduling Issues

When considering care options for a loved one, many people have heard home care agencies have a bad rap when it comes to maintaining a consistent schedule. This results in family members having to unexpectedly take time off work or their daily plans to provide care for their aging parent. One of the main things that separates most home care companies from Affordable HomeCare is how they handle the logistics behind their scheduling. At Affordable HomeCare we have a 99.7% shift fulfillment rate . When compared to the industry average of 80-90%, the choice is clear. We'll make sure you can focus on your life without any interruptions.

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