What Makes Us Different

Selecting the right home care company for your loved one can be a difficult process. How do you choose? With so many options to select from, families need help sorting out the best from the rest. When researching home care, you'll start to notice a trend of companies telling you they're the best, or they deliver the highest quality home care service. However, very few companies can provide you with solid information to back up their claims. Worse off, many companies are so desperate for business that they rush into your care without learning your needs, resulting in a miserable experience.

With our many years of experience, Affordable HomeCare has learned what it takes to be a well-run, successful business and we have the data to back it up. Simply put, we do what it takes to keep our Clients happy! However, carrying that out is the challenge, and how we do it is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our Unique Business Model

The Future Of Home Care...Now

Our partner Company, Honor Care Network, is an industry leader in providing highly trained, reliable Care Pros. They've built some pretty amazing technology that helps caregivers be better at their job and communicate easily with family members. With Honor as our partner we're able to increase our capabilities so we can better help families get the care they need, while improving reliability and the care experience for our Clients. This collaboration is what makes us better able to service you, our Client!

How Our Business Model Works

What We Do

  • We do an in-person consultation with our Clients to develop a personalized care plan and schedule
  • We work closely with Honor to make sure each Client is matched with the right Care Pro for their needs
  • We provide in-person professional oversight to ensure each Client is 100% satisfied
  • We're available anytime for support and to determine the best options as your care needs change

What Honor Does

  • Honor recruits, trains, and manages professional Care Pros better than anyone, so there's never a shortage of dependable care for our Clients
  • Using Honor's unique technology, Care Pros send detailed care notes after every visit to keep family members informed
  • Honor's Care Team provides 24/7 phone support to assist Care Pros and our Clients

Most Reliable Home Care

Most dependable home care company Our network business model through our partner company, Honor, allows us access to considerably more Care Pros than any other home care company. That coupled with state-of -the-art technology and superior management allows for an unprecedented 99.7% shift fulfilment rate. The current industry average is only around 80-90%. Why risk going without the service you expect? Get the most dependable home care and avoid reliability headaches by choosing Affordable HomeCare for your care needs.

Only The Best Caregivers

Company with the best home care caregivers Since we only hire 5% of the applicants we receive, you can tell we're very selective on who we choose to work with. We're the company that hires the best in-home caregivers in Metro Detroit. Our Clients get to benefit from this by only having the most competent, reliable, and professional Care Pros deliver their home care service. Most companies hire just about anybody and cross their fingers that they'll do a good job.

Happiest Caregivers

Home care company with low turnover rate Once we secure the best caregivers in the Metro Detroit Area, we know how to keep them. Our Care Pro's are respected and provided benefits that are hard to come by in this industry. That's why our employee retention rate is a staggering 89%. When compared to the industry average of 18%, it's clear we're the agency you've been looking for. During a recent survey we learned our Care Pros are even happier than Google employees!

Technologically Advanced

Most technologically advanced home care agency Our partner Company Honor is built around technology, and has seamlessly leveraged it to assist with the human component that's so important to Home Care. Our creative use of artificial intelligence helps identify staffing issues before they even become problems. It also helps us stay in close communication with our Care Pros, so we can quickly respond to any needs. The correct use of technology allows us to always stay one step ahead.

Affordable Rates

Low cost home care near Detroit Many in-home care providers charge additional fees to provide services on nights or weekends. Here at Affordable HomeCare we work hard so you can receive low cost home care services. We understand that nobody should have to pay more for care just because care is needed outside of normal business hours.

No Deposit Necessary

Home care with no deposit required Any company asking you for a deposit should be your first red flag that they're not confident in the level of service they offer. Why else would they be asking you to prepay for services you haven't received. We know you'll be happy with our home care service, and that why you'll never be asked to pay us a deposit or prepay for any services.

Well Known

Most 5 star rated home care agency Affordable HomeCare has stood the test of time. Since opening in 1989 we've serviced thousands of happy families in the Metro Detroit Area. With an estimated 70% of home care companies lasting less than 10 years you can put your trust in the experience and wisdom of Affordable HomeCare.

Nurse Oversight

Home care with registered nurse oversight It's not an industry standard to have a Nurse get involved with non-medical care. However, we know it is best for our Clients to have access to a Nurse to share their professional medical experience. This helps our Clients thrive through difficult situations.

24/7 Support

Quality home care provides 24/7 support Now a days it's increasingly difficult to find good customer support. With Affordable HomeCare you can rest assured that a management level staff member is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No answering services from another country, no waiting a day or more for a call back. Customer service is our top priority!

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