Our Team

Greg Adair - Founder

Greg is an army veteran with a Master's Degree in Health Administration. He served over 10 years in multiple upper corporate management position for a large nursing home company. He helped create and operated an in-patient hospice unit, an assisted living unit, an independent living complex, a closed head / ventilator dependent unit, 10 different nursing homes and created a 96-member senior living facility purchasing cooperative.

He took this vast experience in working with the ill and aging population and created Affordable HomeCare in 1989. His vision was to create an alternative solution to facility settings like assisted living and nursing homes. Today Affordable HomeCare is now one of the oldest, largest, and most respected home care companies in South East Michigan.

Greg continues to be an industry leader and remains involved in several senior advocate committees. He's also one of the leading voices for home care licensure in the state of Michigan.

Austin Adair - Co-Owner

Being Greg's son, Austin had literally grown up in the senior healthcare industry. He spent the last 14 years learning from the ground up and is now co-owner along with Greg. He's directly involved in the magic of what we do every day! It's his ultimate responsibility to ensure each Client is 100% satisfied with our services bottom-line, whatever that takes!

Learning this industry from such a young age has allowed Austin to be extremely keen on the aging process and how to best handle difficult Client situations. He also earned his Dementia Training Certificate and understands how to best implement our services for those suffering with dementia. His “walk around” management style allows him to be deeply familiar with each Client's particular needs.

Brianne Ziniewicz, LPN - Client Services Director

Brianna has been a nurse for 10 years and has a Bachelor's Degree in Physiology. She worked in Family Practice for two years and then went on to work with Internal Medicine and Nephrology for 4 years. She uses her excellent skills to provide families the answers they want to know about home care. She helps Clients get started with our services. Using her assessment skills, she's able to ensure a proper Care Pro match occurs. She participants in several groups who advocate for seniors. She's a top-notch problem solver who understands the needs of seniors and makes sure our Clients receive all the services they deserve.

Melissa Krause - Client Support Advocate

Melissa's focus on quality allows her to do what she absolutely loves. That's because she gets to have personal contact with all of our wonderful Clients and their families as often as necessary. This ensures they're 100% satisfied with our services. She's available to our Clients as often as needed. Best of all, our Clients don't have to pay extra for this level of oversight.

Her background includes 11 years working at Botsford Hospital with more than 10 surgeons, specializing in wound care and assisting in surgical procedures. She provided hospice support and care for 7 years. She's well versed in transfer techniques, dementia, wound care, hospice care, and crisis management. Before Melissa started her current role, she was actually a Care Pro with us. This provideds her a unique understanding of the entire care dynamic. She's always excelled with interpersonal relationships, problem solving and conflict resolution. It's in her nature to nurture which makes her a perfect fit for all our Clients.

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